Friday, November 27, 2015

Love, Gratitude, and Precious Friendships

It's a beautiful day, the day after Thanks Giving, the weather in the 60's, the sun shining brightly. I'm sitting on the chaise, working crossword puzzles, still wearing pajamas at 10:30 am, my head stuffed up and my body exhausted. I used to pray to feel physically sick because it was the only time that I would be kind to myself and allow my body and mind to rest without feeling guilty. I'm not enjoying my sinus infection, because I still don't allow myself to relax without guilt. I don't want to relax today, I want to have fun. I want to be in a room with all of the wonderful people that I have met over the past few years. I want us to have fun wearing our pj's, playing games, reading monologues to each other, or even reading in silence while still together. Reveling in the wonderful company.

I have always considered myself an introvert, and for the most part I still am. But I've started to enjoy people and some times I can't get enough of being with them. There are coffee dates that I never want to end. It feels so good to be in the company of other women. Wouldn't it be such fun to spend a weekend in a cabin in the woods with my dearest friends? Yes, I believe it would.

So now this introvert would love to have a house full of people, not just any people, but the women who have come into my life, brightening my world, and illuminating my soul. Nowhere to go, no need to travel. Sitting still, yet not stagnate. Inspired and filled to the brim with love and gratitude for precious friendships.

I gather your images and hold them close to my heart. I imagine teaching you to read music, writing books together, watching independent movies together, and always, always sitting in coffee shops drinking cup after cup of coffee and talking about utter nonsense or the deepest truths.

Sending you all my love on this beautiful and grace-filled day.

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  1. Your art of writing continues to amaze me.... Let's go and hang at a cabin in our PJ's.