Monday, November 30, 2015

A Beautiful Life

I have a thirst for beautiful experiences. Words, essential oils, clothes, meditation, the bare limbs on my trees are just a few things that fill my heart with beauty. Beauty feels rich, abundant. The more I think about all of the things and qualities that I find beautiful the more I touch a sense of fullness within myself. Last night I kept reminding myself that if I keep thinking of beauty than I will never feel depleted, empty, or not enough. 

When I lust after beauty, I'm desiring something much deeper than a new haircut or makeup. I want to read words that were written as if with a paintbrush, vibrant pictures on a canvas. Beautiful prose...ecstasy. Looking at my new deck of cards, each card with a different magical picture, inspires me to walk in the woods among the dead leaves and the sounds of water fall.

The sky is darkening. As I look out my window at nature I don't see death, I see deep, dark, hidden beauty. I never get sad because of cloudy and rainy days. I may feel sad on those days because I have a tendency towards depression, but it's nothing to do with the clouds blocking the sun's rays. On those days I travel in my mind to England or some other enchanting world that I've only imagined.

Imagination is key for me. Even if I can't access those things that I find beautiful and rich, I can always imagine them. Some days are easier than others, those are the days in which my mind willingly travels and dwells on loftier ideas, thoughts that outweigh pettiness and my depression.

My wish for us all is to dwell in beauty and dive to its depths, whatever that may mean to each of us. At this moment my life is simply beautiful.

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