Thursday, July 2, 2015


I'm starting to learn to make some changes in my life that involve taking better care of myself. I have been experiencing exhaustion for a few weeks now, teaching a rigorous schedule that was simply too much for my body to handle. My mental and emotional states are fine, but my body hasn't been. I've been teaching so much that I have stopped my own personal yoga practice. I can feel myself growing less flexible and my muscles tired. I have given up workshops at places that I dearly love and I stopped teaching four of my classes.

So I am becoming choosy about where I spend my energy. I've narrowed it down to one studio and that feels absolutely right for me. I've been spreading myself thin trying to please other people, and in the end I am the one who suffers and has to break commitments, and then I beat myself up for saying no or letting go of something because I can't do it anymore.

When you have an illness like bipolar, it's important to be able to set proper boundaries for yourself, which is something I'm learning the hard way. I have to learn not to make commitments that are illogical, such as driving two hours round trip to teach a one hour class, even if I do love the people and the studio. I'm just now learning that exhaustion can play a big role in my illness and in the end it's better to do all I can to preserve my health than to be the go to girl that always says yes and gets things done.

I have three days off and more than likely a large chunk of that time will be spent in bed; I'm learning that's okay, it's part of what I have to deal with. Ultimately what I am learning is to say no and to have compassion for myself and my tired body. It's okay to say no and it is it okay for me to be tired and need to rest, it's normal.

I don't have to be normal compared to everyone else, but I am normal regarding the condition that I deal with every day, and that makes me smile with relief.

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