Sunday, March 29, 2015

Bringing in the New

My husband was looking at my calendar last night and noticed that it comes to a halt in August of 2014. That's when life as I knew it ended. Things like keeping track of a calendar were pointless. I had nothing to schedule, other than doctor's appointments; I was becoming sick. At one time it was filled with yoga teaching dates and lots of subbing. And then it all ended. When that chapter ended, I walked into, or was dragged into a new life that I hadn't asked for. I had no other choice than to let everything that was important to me go.

My life has changed again, and now gladly, joyfully I can say that it's time for a new calendar. My days are becoming busier. I'm subbing again at yoga studios and teaching workshops and soon will be adding my own yoga class at a studio.

The new healing centers/yoga studios that are showing up in my life are beyond beautiful and tranquil. Yesterday at an interview, I sat and marveled at how without my being aware of it, I had drawn so much beauty and love into my life. My surroundings were gorgeous.

I'm a new me. I was broken and now I've rebuilt myself and my life. I'm more grounded than ever, and I have more love, friendship, and support than I have ever had in my life. Such goodness exists for me, if only I can remember that on the bad days.

Now it's time to buy a new calendar and get my life organized on paper. A change is coming, it already has.

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