Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Beauty of Tomorrow

I want to create. So I'm creating another blog post today. I must do something to chase the blues away, nipping at my heels. Come to my house; come to my house my heart beckons. See me as I am and accept my ways, don't judge me as I judge myself.

Here on the coffee table is my mug, reading glasses, remotes and my phone. I didn't put them away today. I didn't hide the evidence that I reside here. Normally, I would scoop them up before you arrive, trying to give a good appearance. I've got it together. I haven't been doing nothing all day. But not today, today I stand without mask. I stand as I am.

Today I am sad, but tomorrow I could dazzle with my wit and smile. Be patient with me, give me a chance. Never mind the bowl on the floor from this morning. It's just a bowl.

Dial my number and we'll meet at a cafe at a table under the sun. And we will talk about the good times; and we will talk about tomorrow, the beauty of tomorrow.

1 comment:

  1. It would be nice to meet you for lunch. I love the beauty of today. No matter how I feel there are always positives in my present time if I look beyond myself. Hope you are happier this morning.