Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Terri Cheney: From Entertainment Attorney to Bipolar Advocate

I love to read and I'm extremely picky about who and what I read. Four years ago, I read my first bipolar memoir, Terri Cheney's Manic. I've read it twice since then, the last time was after my first and only hospitalization, which was this past summer.

The first time I read Manic, I hadn't been diagnosed bipolar. I was bipolar, but didn't know it yet.
Although I didn't think that I was bipolar, I found a great deal of comfort while reading the book. I wasn't alone anymore, there was someone to walk with me on my journey, to keep me company in my darkest hours.

After reading Manic, I told my husband that I wished I were bipolar so that I could write and be creative like Terri Cheney. Most people don't wish that they were bipolar so that they can tap into their creativity, they just want to be creative without the mental illness piece. Considering I'm bipolar, I suppose it makes sense that I sometimes go to extremes and wish insane things for myself.

There are numerous books that have been written about bipolar disorder; I've read quite a few of them and what speaks to me most deeply is memoir. I've had people warn me that I shouldn't read memoirs, that they will pull me further down, but that's never happened. I'm always engrossed and ultimately uplifted by the story. Terri's story touches me deeply and I invite you to read this beautiful, riveting memoir.

Find Terri on the web at: http://www.terricheney.com/
Terri's Psychology Today blog: https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-bipolar-lens

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  1. I used to think of acceptance as a negative word meaning the same thing as defeat...having to accept things in my life that I wasn't capable of changing. I never could feel very happy banging my head against the same wall over and over again. When I started realizing it was just a positive acknowledgement of things as they are and if I was willing to just let these things be, I finally gave myself the freedom to move on in my life in a more positive way, especially with my marriage. I think your surrender to sadness is on the same level. Life is constantly in flux, and if we except ourselves totally, then we can move on for whatever is waiting down the road. I read all your other posts. You have quite a journey ahead for yourself. It's really good to be in touch again.