Sunday, February 22, 2015

Pick Something That Makes You Happy

What makes you happy? Pick three things and do at least one a day.

My three things are: having coffee/tea with a friend, going to a yoga class, and going to the movies. I can make at least one of these things happen every day, usually that thing is yoga. Although at the times when I need it the most I may find myself rationalizing why I should skip it and then I don't go. I'm fortunate that every day there is a yoga class taking place somewhere close to me. And if I don't give into the voice of negativity and decide to follow what's best for me, yoga is perfect to boost my mood. It gets me out of the house, with people and into my body, providing a grounding effect.

Tea with a friend is something that I can't always make happen. Most of my friends have children and husbands and other things to do with their days than hanging out at a coffee shop for hours. The human contact and interchange of ideas and emotions that come with getting out of the house and hanging out with friends is crucial to my mental health.

I love movies, although lately I'm having a hard time sitting still and focusing on anything. I find that I can't stay focused on watching anything when I am at home. However, going out to a movie is different. Going out, leaving the house, not stewing in my despair, those things are imperative to my mental and emotional health. Even if I'm unable to sit through a movie at home, I find that I can do it if I'm out at a movie. I love getting my kids' pack with popcorn, coke, and gummy fruit, although all of those things contain sugar, which is something I should only have in moderation because it affects my mood. The movies and snacks are an occasional treat. I love sitting in a dark room and being transported to a different world, into someone else's life and problems. Affected by the story, but not devastated as I might be if those moments were happening to me in my real life.

So, pick three things and find the one thing that you know you can do today. And see if it doesn't make your day just a little brighter and more hopeful.

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