Friday, February 20, 2015

Finding A New Way

I used to look forward to getting out of bed every morning, eating breakfast, and working the Washington Post, and Los Angeles Times crosswords. I haven't felt any interest in working my beloved puzzles in several weeks. They helped me start my day and now I don't care about them.

Today I tried a new tactic. I thought about something that does interest me right now, and brought that into my morning routine. I still feel interest and am entertained by some things on Youtube, and while it's not the most productive or spiritual way to start my mornings, I found that watching something worked to boost my mood and get me out the door to a yoga class (the only class I've attended this week). 

What was it that boosted my spirits? Queen Live at Wembley Stadium. I was excited to discover that Freddie Mercury and music still bring me joy. Ultimately, it doesn't matter how trivial or frivolous the act, it's that I took action this morning, and it worked, even if that action was sitting on my couch, staring at my laptop, and listening to a concert. My morning sadness took a day off, leaving me feeling happy and clear.

My mind is like a complex puzzle. I have to explore and tweak till I find what works and then be flexible enough to scrap the plan when it stops working, and try something new, which sounds a lot like what I learned in my life coaching course.

Light and beauty to start my day.

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